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Pearlmc is a graylist, anticheat, survival server that offers balance between fun and challenging play. It has four worlds: Lokai, Dasmir, Essalo, and Ateph. Lokai offers a "normal" overworld experience with a spawn town and land protections. Dasmir offers a self-paced nether experience, also with land protection available. Essalo provides an endworld experience with increased difficulty and enforced PvP. Ateph is a custom-generated novelty world that offers a sub-hardcore atmosphere.

Category: Survival
Youretown - Mining since 09/2010 !

20000+ Members - 24/7 - Dedicated - 1000 Slots - SMP - PVP - Events - Multiple worlds - Market and Economy - Grief free - Huge world - Region protection - Nice community - Custom plugins - Always upgrading - Active website and forum - Mature staff - Powerful hardware - and much more.

Category: Pay 2 Play

250/100 Connection - No Lag - 56GB RAM (Minecraft server is loaded in RAM 24/7, eliminating laggy hard-drive speeds!) - 2 Quad Core CPUs - Backups - RPG - PvP - Survival - Creative - Nether - 1337 slots - IRC - Mumble - Since 2010 - Mature and Respectable Staff - 24/7 -
Pawncraft is an RPG-style server. We have many plugins running, to both ensure that the server is grief-free (Well, not technically grief-free, but we're able to find griefers as soon as you/we find a griefed spot and rollback their damages) as well as to provide you with more features in the game, such as portals, for easy travelling, mounts, because, who doesn't want to ride something? And of course, levels, which include woodcutting, mining, archery, repairing and much much more. We also have an economy and currency system, run by the infamous iConomy. Our currency "Pawn" is used for many things, from purchasing blocks, to protecting your town, to having an easy to use portal that can be used to travel to your town. Of course, we have even more plugins running and you can find out about commands and how to use stuff on our forum.

Category: Roleplaying
PlanetPvPCraft PvP 24/7 128gb ram, PvP Arena, and much more

Category: PVP

Faction server with constant support and vanilla based plugins!

Category: PVP

We Have Many mini games on the server TempleRun Splegg Creative And Lots More to come from our wonderfull developer team.New Games almost daily great fun.Why not vote for us if its so good like we say it is we have spent ages on this server just for you so why not join today? We have skyblock The server has got a new update and has now got guns on the server new paintball maps brand new factions WE HAVE A NEW MINIGAME OUT ITS CALLED OITC OR ONE IN A CHAMBER!!!! AND IF THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU WE JUST RELEASED GUNGAME WITH DEATHRUN SOON!!!

Category: Creative

CubeNetwork [1.9]. Server ip: cubenetwork.crafted.pro -Factions,Jobs,RPGitems,No lag, 24/7! 2GB RAM hosting located at Europe! What are you waiting for? join now! Useful links: Premium Minecraft: Minecraft.net Free Minecraft(cracked): http://keinett.com/sponge.php

Category: Adventure

SWAT.LV // Multigaming: MC, CS:GO, RUST, FORUM and more!

Category: PVP
Lan Project Servidor de Minecraft

¡Ingresa a nuestro servidor de Minecraft que acabamos de abrir! Nombre: Lan Project Minecraft IP: mc.lanproject.com.ar:26258 Versión: 1.8 Admins: niqo, LeitoHTL,fenix_96 y Emah Sitios de la comunidad: Grupo del juego: fb.com/groups/lpcminecraft Grupo de LPC: fb.com/groups/lanprojectcomunidad/ Pagina de LPC: fb.com/lanprojectcomunidad Pagina Web: www.lanproject.com.ar Intro del servidor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdwymfX5lyU&feature=youtu.be Descargar juego: https://goo.gl/fKnLEI

Category: Survival
The best factions server. Ever.

Glitch.Network is a sick new factions server where the owners actually care about everything working properly. If you are looking for a server that when something breaks, it isn't ignored and is instead fixed quickly, Glitch.Network is the server for you. Fast Hardware Our server is hosted on state of the art technology allowing us to have a great number of players online with little to no lag! We have a custom version of spigot built just for this server allowing us to have features from 1.7 and 1.8. Sick Plugins Every plugin on Glitch.Network is installed with the players in mind. There is a custom KOTH area and great rewards. We have awesome supply drops that are aimed to give users the chance to get ranks without buying them! Other custom plugins are coming soon! What are you waiting for? Join our server today and see what you've been missing!

Category: Adventure
Chronic Factions

IP: play.chronicpvp.net Welcome to Chronic Factions, Chronic is A Multiplayer SERVER BASED on the gamemode factions, In this gamemode u can donate for Items and or ranks which will make it a lot easier to become rich or u can just play as a normal player and have access to kit starter which grants you enough GEAR and Items to start and get yourself going. you can make a farm/Mob spawner to get your Economy up and once you do that you will slowly be able to buy armor and other things from other people which will then give u gear to pvp or maybe even tnt,creepereggs,witherskulls to raid or in other words break into people base and take all their stuff. For any further questions join the server and ask a staff member.

Category: PVP

Fantasy-minecraft nace de la inquietud de dos personas por poder jugar a Minecraft de un modo libre y sin restricciones de ninguna clase. Este servidor esta pensado para todos los publicos tanto jovenes como no tan jovenes y con esto nos referimos a que aqui tienen cabida toda clase de jugadores desde los que les gusta Minecraft para pasar un buen rato y construir cosas sencillas, para jugadores avanzados los cuales disfrutan construllendo circuitos de redstone complejos o para aquellos jugadores a los que les guste jugar en PvP Skywars o HungerGames. El mundo principal es libre por lo tanto cualquier jugador puede crearse su casa o su construccion del tamaño que sea sin tener que recurrir a una ciudad o parcela donde creemos que se limita la creatividad de los jugadores a la hora de construir. Uno de los plugins mas famosos de proteccion, Twony, es de libre acceso a todos los jugadores, pagando un elevado precio pero asegurando una experiencia de juego unica para los usuarios, ya que podran crear sus propias ciudades. Esto garantiza una infinidad de diversion y posibilidades a los jugadores. Si quieres conocer mas sobre nosotros puedes hacerlo a traves de nuestra web Fantasy-Minecraft.enjin.com Fantasy-Minecraft se aloja en un servidor privado de altas prestaciones. Mas de 200G de ssd dedicados, lo que garantiza una expansion del servidor sin problemas, 10G de memoria ram que daran cavida en caso de ser necesario a 100 jugadores y un potente procesador i5 2500k a mas de 4500Ghz que asegurara una gran potencia de procesado.

Category: Survival