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250/100 Connection - No Lag - 56GB RAM (Minecraft server is loaded in RAM 24/7, eliminating laggy hard-drive speeds!) - 2 Quad Core CPUs - Backups - RPG - PvP - Survival - Creative - Nether - 1337 slots - IRC - Mumble - Since 2010 - Mature and Respectable Staff - 24/7 -
Pawncraft is an RPG-style server. We have many plugins running, to both ensure that the server is grief-free (Well, not technically grief-free, but we're able to find griefers as soon as you/we find a griefed spot and rollback their damages) as well as to provide you with more features in the game, such as portals, for easy travelling, mounts, because, who doesn't want to ride something? And of course, levels, which include woodcutting, mining, archery, repairing and much much more. We also have an economy and currency system, run by the infamous iConomy. Our currency "Pawn" is used for many things, from purchasing blocks, to protecting your town, to having an easy to use portal that can be used to travel to your town. Of course, we have even more plugins running and you can find out about commands and how to use stuff on our forum.

Category: Roleplaying
Minetown - Mining since 09/2010 !

30000+ Members - 24/7 - Dedicated - 1000 Slots - SMP - PVP - Events - Multiple worlds - Market and Economy - Grief free - Huge world - Region protection - Nice community - Custom plugins - Always upgrading - Active website and forum - Mature staff - Powerful hardware - and much more.

Category: Survival

Pearlmc is a graylist, anticheat, survival server that offers balance between fun and challenging play. It has four worlds: Lokai, Dasmir, Essalo, and Ateph. Lokai offers a "normal" overworld experience with a spawn town and land protections. Dasmir offers a self-paced nether experience, also with land protection available. Essalo provides an endworld experience with increased difficulty and enforced PvP. Ateph is a custom-generated novelty world that offers a sub-hardcore atmosphere.

Category: Survival
PlanetPvPCraft PvP 24/7 128gb ram, PvP Arena, and much more

Category: PVP
Minecraft Server, own plugins.

We currently offer these subservers: Factions, SkyPvP, BlockParty, SkyBlock, Creative. Factions - Join factions, collect resources, make allies and destroy enemies. Features: * Obsidian will only be broken after several explosions. * Grand Exchange - Buy and sell resources to other players using interactive web interface and ingame NPCs. * Many bugs and cheats fixed. SkyPvP - Collect gear, jump high, destroy enemies while being worried about risk of falling in void. Features: * Creative island systems * Unique items that could be collected BlockParty - Dance, listen to music, compete with others and have fun with friends! Features: * Many unlockable items. * Many songs. Creative - Show off your building skills or simply create an imagination from your mind. Features: * Big plot size * WorldEdit access SkyBlock - Generate resources using typical Skyblock setup while competing with others. Features: * Challenge system - adds interesting challenges Also we offer few new interesting server and webpage features. We also offer achievement system where you can earn points and level up by completing challenges. Make sure to vote for our server so we can make new interesting gamemodes. Check out our forums and if you want post suggestions. We will be waiting you to join! With regards - Jocker Administration http://jocker.lv

Category: Roleplaying
Basiq Nation

Community and Plugins: We strive to provide engaging gameplay focused around factions survival catering to both PVE and PVP players. Our team of admins work to promote the growth of a devote respecting community, through strong moderation, each faction is capable of becoming a close group of players that enable their members to hone their skills in combat and learn to build extravagantly. To provide the most enjoyable experience we have employed, designed and modified a range of plugins to enhance the base game. Factions and PVP: Instead of regular factions plugins Basiqnation utilises world guard to create vast factions of up to 300x300 blocks, without the need to manually claim each chunk of land. This allows for players to create fancy builds, complex farms and intricate defences. Since the introduction of potions and enchantments PVP has been heavily imbalanced. With careful planning and a strong plugin development, we have entirely rebalanced PVP! To achieve this certain potions and enchantments were removed. Whilst still running MCMMO all offensive based skills have been disabled to prevent grinding and poor gameplay.

Category: PVP
TKOH craft

SMP, PVP, Nether, iConomy, elaborate cities, protected plots, the best plugins, ranks, guilds

Category: Roleplaying


Category: Creative
[1.8 Snapshot] Matrix Minecraft Servers

matrix is and will always be a server with 0 plugins. We will stick by vanilla until death. If you want a true challenge, consider playing with us. When you play on matrix, you are never safe. When you join, you'll see a bit of snow covered area. Ignore it. You don't want to have anything to do with spawn. Run away to never never biome and set up HQ . At that point, you will have to decide how you want to play. Will you become a traveling hermit? Abandoning bases every few days to cover your trail. Trying to help wayward travelers on their journeys? Will you be a Trader? Specialized in selling off your hard work to help those less fortunate? Will you be a Farmer? Breeding and taming the local Wildlife, selling & trading the food? The possibilities are endless. A lack of plugins is not a handicap, it's the beginning of true freedom. So why not try out matrix? Features: Hard difficulty Large Biomes map for more building space Keep Inventory on death Staff with Scoreboard PreFixes PVP The Very Simple Rules: 1. Respect other players 2. Dont Grief/Raid 3. Dont Cheat 4. No Swearing or Abuse 5. No Sexcism 6. No Hacks/Mods 7. Have Fun

Category: Survival

NobleCraft is a great bukkit server with many plugins, a great rank system, no lag, multiple maps, and much more!

Category: Survival

Conquistadors is an adventure server that is very similar to a survival server, we have tons of challenges that we've implemented from the single player version, and we're currently in the process of making more challenges! and including multiple worlds!

Category: Adventure
TechnoRealms! (Brand New) Network!

TechnoRealms! (Brand New) Network! Join today and become a part of the realm!

Category: Adventure
World of Minecraft

Uptime 24/7. map: the whole map of World of Warcraft. INFO: PVP Survival RPG, Factions, Teams. Choose your side Alliance or Horde. Spawn in places like Stormwind, Ironforge, Orgrimmar

Category: Roleplaying

ZombieCraft is a Factions / PlotMe server with McMMo, Jobs, GUIShop, mmSupernaturals, and a custom world. Also has nothing to do with zombies but is just the name :P

Category: PVP
Rave Towny War

Servidor 24/7 Towny war dedicado al pvp yal control del mapa quien sera el rey (economy,jobs......) no lo dudes

Category: Roleplaying

A diverse server with faction Survival, PVP, Creative, and much more exciting things to offer. The staff is very aware and are available to help. They will listen to player suggestions and take it into account so you can have a better player experience. There is a no tolerance to grief to ensure that your masterpiece is not ruined at any cost. In the case there is, the friendly staff will lend a hand as well as the other players. Join Babercraft for a great time to spend your time. It’s so fun, you’ll feel like it’s home.

Category: Roleplaying

Enderport is a fun, and user-friendly server which gives you the option to play servers like: Skyblock, Survival, PVP. Also some new on-coming servers will be added to our listing such as: Creative, and a Minigames server. We also have a separate server which has FTB, see the IP on our website! Stop by and see us for a good time. Friendly staff will always welcome you when you join. Players will also acknowledge you as we are a tight community who wants players like you!

Category: Adventure
RazedPro Minecraft LatinoAmerica

RazedPro Se Creo El 05/12/2012 Con El Simple Objetivo De Tener Un Espacio Para Divertirse Entre Amigos Y Jugar A Un Modo De Juego Muy Conocido Llamado PVP Es Decir Sobrevivir Y A La Vez Tener Cuidado De Otros Usuarios Ya Que Pueden Matarte Y Tu A La Vez A Ellos , Ademas Puedes Conseguir Amigos Ya Que No Estas Solo , Estas Jugando Con Varios Jugadores On-Line , Este Server Posee Mas De 30 Plugins. Estas Preparado ? Entra Ya Mismo!

Category: PVP

Minetown - Mining since 09/2010 30000+ Members - 24/7 - Dedicated - 1000 Slots - SMP - PVP - Events - Multiple worlds - Market and Economy - Grief free - Huge world - Region protection - Nice community - Custom plugins - Always upgrading - Active website and forum - Mature staff - Powerful hardware - and much more.

Category: Survival
BAAACraft, a friendly and mature minecraft community!

Server Name: BaaaCraft Server Locale: North America Version: 1.7.9 Server IP: baaacraft.mcpickle.com Gameplay type(s): [SMP][PvP][PvE] Additional Options: FTB Direwolf20 1.5.2 and Plotworld (for higher ranked players) --- Description:BaaaCraft is a friendly, mature, survival community started by 3 adult friends in Sept 2013. We're a laid back and fun server with a balanced economy and several options to keep you from getting bored. We've got mob arena, battle arena, capture the flag, and spleef! We offer rewards for voting, a dynmap to help you find your way around, random teleport to help those who just want a spot to build, and mcmmo for those who like each action to have a purpose. We also have a very mature and helpful staff, all 16 or older, and no paid ranks! --- Rules: Age 16+, No griefing, No stealing, No racism, No advertising, more [Rules](http://baaacraft.com/rules). Owners: Nephylim, Melany23, _Nod_ Staff: Takochu, UngodlyTamarin, nikmanG, StuntMagmaZombie, Scurvyratte, machinegunfodda, Revith

Category: Survival
crafting wolfs

a minecraft server come check out the website! for more details

Category: Roleplaying
Babylon Mc

Starting with Babylon circa 1750 BC and The Tower of Babel, Godess Ishtar, King Hammurabi ... our new server will also add towns of all descriptions as YOU build them. No PvP unless agreed please.

Category: Free Build
NBBG Craft

NBBG Craft | IP: play.nbbgproductions.com | 150 Player Slots | 1.7.2 Version | Pets, Jobs, Shops, Forest, Plots, Casino, Hidden Treasures and more... Come and have fun | Basic Commands: warp,mypet,jobs,plotme,tpa

Category: Adventure
Pirox MineCraft

[1.7.2 -1.7.5] [24/7] [Survival] [Bukkit] [Ranks] [Economy] [Shops] [Protections] [Anti Grief Tools] [Helpful Staff] [Friendly Community] [V.I.P System] [Login Security](never hack an account) [Anticheat System]

Category: Survival

We are an epic server with a lot of mini games that are fun to play! See you on forums, the server, etc!

Category: Roleplaying
Da Servert

Da Servert is een Nederlandstalige Minecraft server. Het is volledig gratis, veilig en griefen is onmogelijk gemaakt. Da Servert heeft ook een mooie website: da-servert.nl . Het is een Bukkitserver en de hoofdmap is gerendeerd met level seed Glacier. Er zijn 4 rangen: - Normaal - kunnen bouwen en slopen op plekken die niet beschermd zijn - Vertrouwd - kunnen overal bouwen en slopen - MOD - zijn er om mensen te kicken of bannen mocht dat nodig zijn - Admin - beheerders van de server Da Servert is voorzien met verscheidene plugins: - PistonChest (Pistons duwen dingen in chests, furnaces en dispensors) - CreeperHeal (Herstelt schade door explosies en vuur (griefers zullen te hand te werk moeten gaan, geen doen dus)) - Drink (Water en melk drinken voor gezondheid) - Lockette (Het op slot doen van chests, furnaces en dispensors) - TorchLight (Lichtgevende items geven ook licht in je hand) - ItemVoid (Krijg je spullen terug als je dood gaat in de Void) - CraftBook - LWC (Bescherm zeldzame blokken) - Alerter (Bescherm je bouwsels)

Category: Survival

Hyper-Core Networks is a multi gaming community that is dedicated to bring gamers together we also host game servers and a public teamspeak 3 server that everyone is welcome to use

Category: PVP
Kronic Zombie Survival

Ever Want To Know What Its Like To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse With Guns? [1.7.X] Kronic Zombie Survival is a zombie apocalypse server in which you can rent rooms, buy horses, armor, enchants, guns, and more all with in game cash. You will earn cash for killing the infected, and any player you come across. So always be on guard. Explore your surrounding to find random loot in over 500 chest on the map! Team with friends to fight off the infected or have no mercy and kill everything in sight! How will you survive the Kronic Infection? Need more info? Check out Www.KronicZombie.Me

Category: Pay 2 Play
Association Community Resistance Gaming

Nous sommes une association qui a comme objectif de devenir la multigaming numéro une de france

Category: Roleplaying

MC.CREED.LV : Factions : Blockparty : SkyPvP : Prophunt : Skyblock and much more! Join us!

Category: PVP
Legendary Prison

From the makers of Legendary Craft, Legendary PvP, LegendaryCreate McTheWalls and more comes Legendary prison! The NEWEST and FASTEST growing jail server on MC! JAIL.MC-LC.COM ZERO Lag/Dedicated Server/150 slots MCMMO SUPPORTED!!! Website: http://www.legendaryprison.com How it works: You wake up, bewildered, you see in the distance a sign. You squint your eyes but still can only see the stray black squiggles that outlines the sought out words. You awkwardly stand up, and you walk haltingly towards the sign. Finally you come within reading range of the sign, it reads, "For whoever reads this sign, trials before the. The must not fret. Thou must work their ways through the prison to freedom." In Legendary Prison you start out in a small pitiful block known as "D Block." You must mine for cobblestone ,iron and, coal. Cut down trees in the tree farm These precious items you can craft into your own suit of armor and sword to protect yourself from other inmates. Or sell it in the player or admin markets to get money. To rank up from D block you must pay a total of $18,000, when you do this you will be promoted to the less infamous "C block" From block to block you must go until you can afford to buy your freedom. Once you're there you can create factions, raid and ally others and become MORE powerful. And if you feel you have a certain talent or need you can apply to become guard. The ranks: D Prisoner: This rank is the lowest of all ranks. You start out with no items or money. You must mine cobblestone, iron and coal ore. Or cut down trees in the Legendary Prison tree farm to save up enough money to rank to C block. Rank up price: $18,000 C Prisoner: As a C prisoner you have it a little easier than D block but life still is not easy yet. You are making your way up the chain. You must mine cobblestone, iron or, diamonds. Or mine dirt and clay in the Legendary Prison dirt mine. Once you save enough money you will make your way up to B block. Rank up price: $60,000 B Prisoner: Congratulations! You are now the highest of the low prison blocks! You are almost there, you can taste the freedom. Still, hard work is to follow if you ever want to see daylight again. You must mine sandstone, iron or, diamonds. Or use another one of LcP's dirt mines but with a twist. This dirt mine bares diamonds. Once you save up enough money you will make your way up to A Block. Rank up price: $145,000 A Prisoner: Now you can relax for a minute, you are now in the luxurious A block. You are so close, you can't give up yet! In this block there is NO PvP in the courtyard. You can either mine snow, iron or, diamonds. In this block you have access to xp farms: An aggro mob spawner room and a pig spawner room. Once you save up enough money you can buy your Freedom! Rank up price: $250,000 Free: Congratulations! You are now free! Go about the world and do whatever you wish! Make a faction, become more powerful, raid and ally other factions. You are in a...

Category: Roleplaying